We’re retiring some flavours

As the old saying goes, all good things must come to an end. Ok, maybe a bit of a stretch here. We’re discontinuing some of our older, less popular flavours in order to make room in our catalogue for some new additions that will be coming soon.

This will mark the first time that we’ve ever removed flavours from our collection, but we’ve decided to do so to keep our selection manageable and also keep up with the times and what people are looking for.

We do still have some bottles kickin’ around as well as flavour base prepared for these, so we will continue to offer them for the next little while until we exhaust our supplies.

Although the flavours have been removed from their former categories and value packs, they can be found at reduced (~40% off) prices in our overstock section.

All of them are available here up to 120mL while quantities last, with a few that we have more of being available in 240mL as well. We’ve also moved the High MG Nic Salts versions over in 30mL bottles (at $8.99).

The flavours that are being discontinued are as follows:

  • Drapple Sauce
  • Frosty Dragonberry
  • Funnel Fantasy
  • Irish Dream
  • Velvet Melons
  • Watamelon Twizt

Initially we had planned to coincide this announcement with the release of a few new flavours as well, but we’re running a little behind schedule in that department and don’t want to rush them out. You can expect to hear about some new arrivals soon 🙂 !