Samsung 30Q

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Samsung INR18650-30Q
A 3000mAh, 15 amp CDR 18650 battery

Please note: This is a high-density lithium-ion battery and can be dangerous if mishandled. Use at your own risk. Scroll down for information on battery safety.

Full official spec: here

Mooch’s test results: here

Important Safety Notices

  • Do not carry loose batteries in pockets or otherwise – always use a case
  • Inspect battery wraps often and discontinue use or re-wrap if damaged – especially near the positive pin
  • Respect battery amp ratings! – use extreme caution on loads that approach or exceed the manufacturer-specified continuous discharge rating (CDR).
  • Do not short circuit
  • Do not over-discharge/over-charge
  • Do not expose to fire, extreme heat or water
  • Long-term Storage: Store at ~3.6V or about 40-50% SOC, slightly below room temperature. Check voltage periodically and recharge as required to maintain nominal charge.
  • Disposal: Dispose of batteries at an appropriate battery recycling program near you. Do not throw in garbage.

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