High MG Nic Salts

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Available at 20mg/mL (2%) / 30mg/mL (3%) / 40mg/mL (4%) Nicotine Concentration

4 * 30mL & 4 * 60mL Value Packs Available

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  • $17.00$47.00

    Scooped (NS)

    Luxurious mint chocolate chip ice cream with just the right amount of cooling. You’re going to want two scoops of this one!

  • $17.00$47.00

    Watamelon Twizt (NS)

    A complex watermelon flavour with fruity background notes. Just the right amount of sweetness. Has been described as tasting similar to a watermelon bubblegum.

  • $17.00$47.00

    Velvet Melons (NS)

    An intricate blend of melons including honeydew and watermelon supported by an underlying cheesecake note to give it a velvety smooth inhale. The best balance of fresh fruit & dessert  you’ll ever find!

  • $17.00$47.00

    Screech (NS)

    A delicious concoction of juicy peaches and fresh pineapple blended with a touch of guava. This tasty blend will not let you down!

  • $17.00$47.00

    Drapple Sauce (NS)

    A tasteful blend of apples and dragonfruit with a hint of cinnamon & glazed donut. This one is reminiscent of a nice homemade apple sauce showing off it’s dessert side. Unique flavour!

  • $17.00$47.00

    Blended (NS)

    A delectably blended peanut butter & banana shake – reminiscent of a post-workout treat. Sorry, no protein powder included.

  • $17.00$47.00

    Strawn Out (NS)

    A juicy strawberry banana kiwi smoothie blended to perfection.

  • $17.00$47.00

    Sup Mang (NS)

    A sour tropical blend with mango taking the main stage. Blackberry lingers with a hint of pineapple and a touch of lemon, rounding out this blend to make the perfect balance of citrus and sour.

  • $17.00$47.00

    Whisked (NS)

    A cheerful assortment of dark berries carefully whisked into a bowl of heavy cream.

  • $17.00$47.00

    Juiced (NS)

    We took the juiciest selection of fruits we could find and stuffed ‘em through the juicer. The results are a juicy, dragon-fruit laden, pomegranate infused masterpiece.

  • $17.00$47.00

    Cultured (NS)

    Ripe stone fruits taken straight from the orchard & incorporated into a surprisingly savory greek-style yogurt.

  • $17.00$47.00

    Chopped (NS)

    An exotic combination of chopped fruits meticulously blended to inspire a sense of wonder. Hints of green citrus pair with a touch of grape and subtle back note of cactus to come together in a nearly indescribable fruit-filled bliss.