No Chit, No Sh#t!

Our rewards program

Chef inspects a chit
Ring it before you bring it.

We’ve implemented an easy-to-use rewards system to give back to our loyal customers. Automatically earn points (called “chits”) on every purchase that can be redeemed for a discount on future orders. Chits can be earned and redeemed both online & in-store – you merely need to have an account & you’ll be raking them in.


Ok, sounds easy enough – but what is a “chit”??

We thought you might ask that. A “chit” is a word that those in the restaurant industry use to refer the order ticket that is usually printed when a customer or table places an order. The phrase “No chit, no sh$t” is often said (read: yelled) by a cook or chef when a server asks for an item from the kitchen that they have not yet rung in.

What are my chits worth?

The quick explanation of the rewards system is that you earn 2% “cashback” that you can use toward future purchases.

In more detail, it works like this:

  • Earn 2 chits for every $1 spent online or in-store
  • Redeem your chits at a rate of 100 chits = $1 off your order
  • You can redeem any amount of chits up to a maximum of 2500 per order
  • You earn chits on every order, but they can’t be redeemed in conjunction with a coupon code

Any other ways I can grab some quick chits?

Yes! There is actually. Unfortunately we’re not super automated in this department just yet, but here’s some quick ways you can earn some spare chits

Automatically Applied

These actions will automatically add the specified amount of chits to your account.

  • Create an account on our site – 50 chits
  • Review a product on our site – 30 chits

Manually Applied

We will manually award you the specified amount of chits for actions performed below. Submit the form in the “Rewards” section of the My Account page to let us know and we’ll add your chits as soon as we can.

  • Like us on Facebook – 50 chits
  • Follow us on Instagram – 50 chits
  • Share a picture you took of our products on social media – 75 chits
  • Share one of our posts publicly on social media – 100 chits
  • Refer a friend who places their first order – 200 chits
  • Post a picture of yourself in uniform working in a commercial kitchen with our products visible – 500 chits

The Fine Print

To participate, you agree to be bound by the Terms & Conditions of our rewards program. Please read through these terms before participating in the program or creating an account.