Moving to 70:30 VG:PG Default Ratio for Sub-Ohm Juice

We’re standardizing our default VG:PG ratio to 70:30 across all our lines for nicotine levels 12mg & below.

Previously, we had slightly different default ratios between our lines:

  • Classic Line – 80:20 VG:PG
  • Signature Blends – 75:25 VG:PG
  • Mise En Place – 70:30 VG:PG
  • Chilled Line – 70:30 VG:PG

Our “default” ratio is what we use for pre-mixed juice for in-store stock and when ordering individual bottles online. Moving forward, we are changing our standard VG:PG ratio for all sub-ohm juice to 70:30 VG:PG

We chose this ratio because it is suitable for the widest range of tanks & devices and ranked as the highest preferred ratio in the Vaping Habits Survey we hosted to get a better picture of how our customers are vaping.

As it is the most popular ratio selected in value packs, this change will also allow us to ship pre-steeped juice more often when selecting 70:30 and ordering flavours from multiple lines, rather than shipping a mix of fresh and pre-steeped bottles in these types of orders.

Our High MG Salts are unaffected and will continue to ship at a 50:50 ratio unless otherwise specified.

What does this mean if I typically order custom ratios?

This change will not affect those who are choosing custom VG:PG ratios on Value Packs or individual bottles. We will continue to offer an option to select VG:PG ratio on value packs, and will honour any custom ratio requests listed in your order note.