For convenience sake and easy reference, here is a list of all our available flavours.

Blended – A delectably blended peanut butter & banana shake – reminiscent of a post-workout treat. Sorry, no protein powder included.

Chopped – An exotic combination of chopped fruits meticulously blended to inspire a sense of wonder. Hints of green citrus pair with a touch of grape and subtle back note of cactus to come together in a nearly indescribable fruit-filled bliss.

Cultured – Ripe stone fruits taken straight from the orchard & incorporated into a surprisingly savory greek-style yogurt.

Filled – An artisan “cookie sandwich” comprised of rich vanilla ice cream sandwiched between two freshly baked cookies.

Juiced – We took the juiciest selection of fruits we could find and stuffed ‘em through the juicer. The results are a juicy, dragon-fruit laden, pomegranate infused masterpiece.

Roasted – Lightly roasted pistachios enveloped in soft white chocolate with an interestingly mild, nearly hidden tobacco finish.

Scooped – Luxurious mint chocolate chip ice cream with just the right amount of cooling. You’re going to want two scoops of this one!

Whisked – A cheerful assortment of dark berries carefully whisked into a bowl of heavy cream.

Peachy Breeze – A refreshingly crisp summer lemonade infused with white peach.

Pucker – A tart raspberry blend supported by a handful of fresh blueberries and some other carefully selected fruit notes.

Rhuberry Crisp – Strawberry rhubarb crisp! Need we say more?

Strawn Out – A juicy strawberry banana kiwi smoothie blended to perfection.

Vanilla Crunch – Fluffy vanilla cake batter smeared onto a thick-cut graham cracker!

Actual Oranges – A realistic fresh orange flavour. As refreshing as it is addictive, this flavour was developed to emulate the feel of eating an (actual) orange.. You can almost feel the flesh in your mouth.

Berry Bliss – A cool berry blend. Blackberry & Blueberry pair with a touch of pomegranate and the slightest hint of menthol to emulate a refreshing frozen treat on a hot summer day.

Blue Crack – A mildly sweet blend of blueberry and grape with several supporting undertones. This is a nostalgic candy flavour.

Fuzion – Pomegranate, cranberry and grape are the main players at this party. A smooth fusion of flavours that’s sure to entertain your taste buds.

Screech -A delicious concoction of juicy peaches and fresh pineapple blended with a touch of guava.

Silk Sheets – Coconut cream pie. So silky smooth it’ll remind you of sliding into a nice satin bedspread! The slightest hint of banana lurks in the background to add a delicious depth to this delicate cream pie.

Strawgurt -A rich greek yogurt tastefully infused with strawberries and blueberries.

Sup Mang – A sour tropical blend with mango taking the main stage.Blackberry lingers with a hint of pineapple and a touch of lemon, rounding outthis blend to make the perfect balance of citrus and sour.

Unicorn Tits– “Banana cream bread” A cross between banana cream pie, and, you guessed it, banana bread. Nice and creamy with a mellow bread finish, the banana really shines through but is not overpowering.

Blue Chill – By popular request, this a chilled version of our top selling flavour “Blue Crack”. A mildly sweet blend of blueberry and grape with several supporting undertones, flash frozen and served cold.

Frigid Fuji – Crisp and juicy Fuji apple with a medium level of cooling. A refreshing change-up from the endless supply of cold “berry” vapes on the market.

Glacial Bliss – A super-cooled version of our popular “Berry Bliss” flavour. Same great flavour, about ~10x more cooling! Blackberry & Blueberry paired with a touch of pomegranate, extracted straight out of a glacier.

Straight Frost – A straight up heavy menthol flavour. For those longing for something that is just COLD with no bells and whistles.