CCVapes is closing down at the end of March

It saddens me to announce that Chef’s Choice Vapes will be closing down as of March 31st, 2020. While I will always support the vaping industry and continue to fight for the rights of vapers in any way that I can; largely due to changing life circumstances and to some degree regulatory uncertainty – I have made the tough decision to close my business.

This decision was not one that was taken lightly. Over the past several months I have weighed many options and possibilities to continue moving forward, but my pressing need for a more stable and predictable career as my family grows has become increasingly important. With another child on the way, I have decided that at this point in my life it’s in the best interest of my family and I that I transition to a less risk-averse long-term career path.

Uncertainty regarding the future of vaping has always been a somewhat stressful topic for those of us in the industry and vapers in general. Lately, more frequent misinformation and disingenuous portrayal of vaping in the media has taken a considerable negative toll on public perceptions of vaping and the industry itself. The effects of this have been felt industry-wide, and I wager I’m not alone when I say that it has been the source of many sleepless nights for those of us trying to make a living in the industry.

However; while it has hurt us, by no means do I think that it spells out the end of the industry, nor will I cease to be optimistic about the future of vaping. I have faith that here in Canada we can adopt reasonable evidence-based policy approaches to regulation surrounding vaping. I will never stop fighting for the rights of adults to choose a less harmful alternative to cigarettes.

Through and through, owning and operating this business has been a life-changing experience and I am forever grateful to all those that have ever ordered from, supported, or even just encouraged us along the way. The vaping community is filled with wonderful people and it is an honour to consider myself a part of it.

Some of you have adopted us as your go-to supplier for e-liquid for some time now, and for that please know that it is with deep regret that I make this announcement. Customers like you were the backbone of this business and none of it would’ve ever been possible without you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for your patronage over the years and I am truly sorry that we’ll no longer be able to fulfill that role.


-Paul Wagner