About Us

Many people tout vaping as a cheaper & healthier alternative to smoking. Although it will always be healthier, the cost of the liquids along with the higher juice consumption of sub-ohm set ups, as well as “closed” pods can quickly¬†bring the costs up to a level where it can be just as pricey as the cancer-causing alternative.

Our goal is to create an affordable line of e-liquids without compromising quality or taste. 

We are based in Niagara Falls, Ontario but ship Canada-wide. Within the Niagara Region, we offer local delivery or in-store pickup for free

Who are we?

Chef’s Choice was founded by Paul Wagner in late 2015. A young chef working at a busy Italian restaurant, he took to vaping in early 2013 – looking to cut down on or quit smoking cigarettes altogether. Starting with 18mg liquid, a Innokin MVP 2 and a Kangertech EVOD, he quickly dropped the cigarettes and became more and more interested in the hobby side.

After going through countless devices, atomizers, and e-liquids, and spending twice as much as he would’ve on cigarettes in the same time period,  he decided to save some money on the area that we all have the most control over – consumables.

Since he already cut out the expense of pre-built coils with his collection of RDA’s, he turned to another money pit – the liquid. Being a chef, Paul was no stranger to complex combinations of flavours coming together to create something far more unique than any of the individual components were capable of alone. As Paul began mixing and vaping his own liquids, he noticed something very quickly – people loved them!

It started off slow enough, a coworker wanted a bottle here, another friend there, an acquaintance at the bar. Soon they were telling their friends where they got it, and then their friends were telling their friends… and so on. Before long Paul realized there was quite the demand for good, cheap e-liquid; and thus, Chef’s Choice Vapes was born.