For your convenience, here’s a list of all our currently available flavours on one page.

Signature Blends

Our premium line-up of hand crafted flavours. Each flavour offered in this selection contains more blood, sweat & tears than the rest of our flavours combined (no, not literally!)

  • 75% VG – 25% PG
  • 30/60/120mL bottles: $16.99/$26.99/$44.99
 Strawn OutA juicy strawberry banana kiwi smoothie blended to perfection.  Vanilla CrunchFluffy vanilla cake batter smeared onto a thick-cut graham cracker!  Rhuberry CrispStrawberry rhubarb crisp! Need I say more?
 PuckerA tart raspberry blend supported by a handful of fresh blueberries and some other carefully selected fruit notes.  Funnel FantasyDeep fried carnival funnel cake topped with a creamy peanut butter ice cream and the slightest drizzle of caramel.  Peachy BreezeA refreshingly crisp summer lemonade infused with white peach.

Signature Line Sample Pack

6 * 30mL Bottles (180mL)

Try our whole Signature line in one go!

Ships one of each flavour.


Save $31.95 vs buying separate!




Our Classic Line


  • $7.99 / 15ml bottle
  • $21.99 / 60ml bottle
  • $36 / 120ml bottle
  • $105.99 / 500ml bottle
    • $94.99 ea for 2
    • $83.99 ea for 3
    • $76.99 ea for 4+

Standard VG/PG Ratio

  • 80% VG, 20% PG for all nicotine levels under 12mg
  • 70% VG, 30% PG for 12mg or higher
  • Any ratio from 80/20 to 20/80 (inclusive) can be requested, mention in order notes if you require a specific ratio

Fruit Profiles

  • Actual Oranges
    • A realistic fresh orange flavour. As refreshing as it is addictive, this flavour was developed to emulate the feel of eating an (actual) orange.. You can almost feel the flesh in your mouth.
  • Berry Bliss
    • A cool berry blend. Blackberry & Blueberry pair with a touch of pomegranate and the slightest hint of menthol to emulate a refreshing frozen treat on a hot summer day.
  • Blue Crack
    • A mildly sweet blend of blueberry and grape with several supporting undertones. This is a nostalgic candy flavour.
  • Frosty Dragonberry
    • A creamy fruit blend starring dragonfruit & peach, with a cool berry finish.The unique depth of this flavour will keep you coming back for more!
  • Fuzion
    • Pomegranate, cranberry and grape are the main players at this party. A smooth fusion of flavours that’s sure to entertain your tastebuds.
  • Screech
    • A delicious concoction of juicy peaches and fresh pineapple blended with a touch of guava.
  • Sup Mang
    • A sour tropical blend with mango taking the main stage. Blackberry lingers with a hint of pineapple and a touch of lemon, rounding out this blend to make the perfect balance of citrus and sour.
  • Watamelon Twizt
    • A complex watermelon flavour with fruity background notes. Just the right amount of sweetness. Has been described as tasting similar to a watermelon bubblegum.

Dessert Profiles

  • Drapple Sauce
    • A tasteful blend of apples and dragonfruit with a hint of cinnamon & glazed donut. This one is reminiscent of a nice homemade apple sauce showing off it’s dessert side. Unique flavour!
  • Irish Dream
    • Irish cream shines through a decadent blend of fresh creams alongside a gourmet serving of belgium waffles. A delicious full-flavoured dessert profile.
  • Silk Sheets
    • Coconut cream pie. So silky smooth it’ll remind you of sliding into a nice satin bedspread! The slightest hint of banana lurks in the background to add a delicious depth to this delicate cream pie.
  • Strawgurt
    • A rich greek yogurt tastefully infused with strawberries and blueberries.
  • Unicorn Tits
    • “Banana cream bread” A cross between banana cream pie, and, you guessed it, banana bread. Nice and creamy with a mellow bread finish, the banana really shines through but is not overpowering.
  • Velvet Melons
    • An intricate blend of melons including honeydew and watermelon supported by an underlying cheesecake note to give it a velvety smooth inhale. The best balance of fresh fruit & dessert  you’ll ever find!

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